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The importance of duct cleaning in the Pacific Northwest


Dec 2014

Why Duct Cleaning is Important

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Air is circulated through the home in air ducts. Dust and other fibers are picked up in the process, landing in the vents. These products accumulate creating bad air that can cause unwanted medical issues. This is extremely distressing for people with asthma and other breathing disorders. Clean ducts and clear away trapped carpet fibers, pet hair, bug products, mold and mildew. Home is a place of refuge. Stop bad air from attacking your family.

Make duct cleaning a part of your homes cleaning routine with the help of Capitol Duct Cleaning services. Allowing dirt to accumulate on floors and other surfaces in the home is an unthinkable act, but furnace ducts without proper cleaning are just as threatening to a family’s health.

Vent cleaning keeps the heating and cooling system clear of bacteria and mildew. Dirt can stop units from operating properly, wearing on parts and vent structures. Reduce wear and tear on a system with furnace duct cleaning. Dust and mold can cause cooling and heating machines to work harder, breaking down faster. A heating or cooling unit is a serious investment. It is there to make a family comfortable but is improperly cleaned it can become a health hazard.

Home furnace cleaning reduces the accumulation of dust and mold deposits. A furnace works harder filled with dirt and increases energy use. Homeowners with regular furnace duct cleaning have better home air quality and lower utility cost. Capitol Duct Cleaning Services cleans furnace ducts in the home thoroughly, removing dust mites, dead skin and other menaces that destroy clean air. Home heating and cooling systems operate more efficiently once duct are serviced.

Better Indoor Air Quality:

In the home people relax and take shelter from the dust and grime of outdoors. Without duct cleaning viruses, mold and mildew linger and cause respiratory problems and other illnesses. Avoid problems with allergies due to pathogens in furnace vents.

Capital Duct Cleaning employees are trained, to use the newest technology to professionally clean ducts and furnaces. The company is bonded, licensed and uses the latest techniques to clean a unit of unwanted elements. Keeping loved ones safe is the goal this is especially true with items in the home. This makes furnace duct cleaning very important.

Furnace duct cleaning removes accumulated debris from the home furnace. Homeowner’s clean floors, dust furniture and a host of other items but duct cleaning is neglected. This oversight can cause a long list of problems for family health. Capital Duct Cleaning provides duct cleaning for Olympia, Yelm Tacoma in Pierce, Lacey and Thurston counties. We care for the proper operation of home heating and cooling systems in the area.

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